Who We Are

YWAM Central Baja has a rich history of service in the name of Jesus. We deeply value the unique individuals who have been called to serve in our team. Although vastly different in our journeys, we all strive to bring to light the transforming power of His love through His Word, Spirit and Prayer. Please feel free to reach out to anyone of us, we'd love to hear from you. 

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them."

Matthew 18:20

  • Bill and Peggy Sopher - Baja California, Mexico

    Hours after I surrendered to Jesus, Peggy and I met. Soon after we were married. The Lord immediately opened the hearts of the kids in our neighborhood to Him. Our home became His sanctuary for them, beginning our lives as His ambassadors. Jesus gave us a great love for home fellowship & missions from the start.


    Peggy’s amazing gifts of compassion and love in a Generous Servants Heart led us to Heart Ministries in February 1987. We quickly became immersed in ministry with Jim Arnold and the youth. By the summer of 1989 we were bringing teams to Vincente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico. In December of 1997 we moved to Baja.

    It’s all HIS-STORY

  • David and Brianna Manzano - Baja California, Mexico

    David and Brianna Manzano were married in August of 2014 and came to Mexico with their daughter Harmony in September of 2015 with plans to return to North Dakota after 6 months. About a week before that happened, however, they realized that God had a different plan for them and they decided to stay and serve the Lord full time.

  • Pat Yantara

    Pat Yantara and his wife, Art, have been using their gift of evangelism to spread the word through Thailand. They have two beautiful daughters, their oldest Perth, and youngest, Pleg. With their spiritual anointing and passion they have dedicated their efforts to reaching their surrounding villages. Having established a rapport in the community they have been able to gain entrance and share local schools as well as the government hospital in the area. They also minister at orphanages, prisons, detention centers, and juvenile centers. In every place they enter, their singular focus is to teach others about Jesus Christ and show His love through example. 

  • Jim and Barb Arnold - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Barb is a Domestic Engineer.  She has been doing Children’s Ministry for 37 years and home-schooling for over 21 years.  She has also had the pleasure of doing dramas, street ministry and leading worship.  Jim is director of Discipleship Ministry Training and the author of Critical Issues for Mentoring Leaders, New Believers Training, Discipleship Ministry Training and Preaching–Teaching Training.  Over the years he has enjoyed doing evangelistic concerts, jail ministry, writing Gospel tracts, university-street outreach, teaching at Bible Schools and training leaders across Asia.  As a church planter-pastor for over 20 years and as missionaries for 21 years, he and Barb and two of their six children live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our ministry passion is two-fold: win souls and make disciples.