Heart Ministries Mexico

Heart Ministries Mexico Exists to help families in need, To Inspire, Encourage and Empower local & visiting families, missionaries, fellowships & ministries. We specialize in constructing medical clinics, homes, school, and churches for the locals who are in need.

We do this by connecting with local families, pastors, and ministries who require our help, mostly in the realm of building facilities either to live in or teach in. When you contact us we will set up outreaches that are best sorted to your individual needs as a group, we work around your schedule and abilities instead of you having to work around ours. 

During your stay we will provide:

  • Assistance with air/land travel & Directions
  • Airport pick up & return if requested
  • Accommodations for all your adventures

The Construction Ministry is one of the most inspiring, powerful ministries we see Jesus walking in. Everyone takes home something in the Spirit Equipping him or her with a deeper Reality of who Christ is, who they are in Jesus and His passionate love for them. We always see lives changed by the Lord.

He brings Hope to the builders, the families and communities we serve. He builds relationships within the visiting families and fellowships, along with the families and communities He brings us to. We believe missions are always fruitful, whether you do a family project, serve in a foster home, elders home or recovery center. We encourage you to bring evangelical outreaches, sports classes, worship concerts, teaching, puppets, anything that you can use to bring the light of Jesus to the culture you will be immersed in. Whatever you do you return home inspired, knowing you are powerfully and effectively used by Jesus.

Looking forward to helping you with your next mission adventure!